Marigold Earrings - GoldMarigold Earrings - Gold

Marigold Earrings

Gold hoop earrings
Yasmine 18K Gold Earrings - Clear/GoldYasmine 18K Gold Earrings - Clear/Gold

Yasmine 18K Gold Earrings

18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia stones
Lana Earrings - Clear/GoldLana Earrings - Clear/Gold

Lana Earrings

Crystal hoop earrings
Deirdre Earrings - GoldDeirdre Earrings - Gold

Deirdre Earrings

Crystal fringe statement earrings
Amy Earrings - GoldAmy Earrings - Gold

Amy Earrings

Gold chain fringe statement earrings
Kira Earrings - Gold and Pavé HeartKira Earrings - Gold and Pavé Heart

Kira Earrings

Heart statement earrings
Vanessa Earrings - Gold and Shell HeartVanessa Earrings - Gold and Shell Heart

Vanessa Earrings

Heart statement earrings
$24 $48
Joey Earrings - GoldJoey Earrings - Gold

Joey Earrings

Heart drop statement earrings
$34 $44
Kaitlyn Earrings - GoldKaitlyn Earrings - Gold

Kaitlyn Earrings

Gold pavé hoop earrings
Daffodil Earrings - Clear/GoldDaffodil Earrings - Clear/Gold

Daffodil Earrings

Crystal flower statement stud earrings
Jordy Earrings - Clear/GoldJordy Earrings - Clear/Gold

Jordy Earrings

Flower statement earrings
Just Breezy Earrings - GreenJust Breezy Earrings - Green

Just Breezy Earrings

Leaf statement earrings
Talk To The Palm Earrings - GreenTalk To The Palm Earrings - Green

Talk To The Palm Earrings

Palm tree statement earrings
Out of This Shell Earrings - BrownOut of This Shell Earrings - Brown

Out of This Shell Earrings

Shell statement earrings
Greer Earrings - GoldGreer Earrings - Gold

Greer Earrings

Gold huggie hoop earrings
Ella 18K Gold Earrings - 18K Gold Plated GoldElla 18K Gold Earrings - 18K Gold Plated Gold

Ella 18K Gold Earrings

18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver
  • 6 Materials
Jenelle 18K Gold Earring Set - Clear/GoldJenelle 18K Gold Earring Set - Clear/Gold

Jenelle 18K Gold Earring Set

18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia stones
$98 ($178 Value)
Nicole 18K Gold Earring Set - Clear/GoldNicole 18K Gold Earring Set - Clear/Gold

Nicole 18K Gold Earring Set

18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia stones
$68 ($112 Value)
Spread Your Wings Earrings - GoldSpread Your Wings Earrings - Gold

Spread Your Wings Earrings

Gold butterfly hoop earrings
$24 $38
Take Flight Earrings - Clear/GoldTake Flight Earrings - Clear/Gold

Take Flight Earrings

Gold pavé butterfly outline earrings
$26 $48
Mia Earrings - GoldMia Earrings - Gold

Mia Earrings

Loop statement earrings
Ella Earrings - Gold Plated PavéElla Earrings - Gold Plated Pavé

Ella Earrings

Teardrop earrings
  • 6 Materials
Tina 18K Gold Earrings - Clear/GoldTina 18K Gold Earrings - Clear/Gold

Tina 18K Gold Earrings

18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia stones
Niata 18K Gold Earrings - 24MMNiata 18K Gold Earrings - 24MM

Niata 18K Gold Earrings

18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia stones - Offered in multiple sizes

Explore the BaubleBar earring collection, featuring our full selection of
stunning sterling silver and gold earrings. Within our extensive collection, we
offer a wide range of earrings that are designed to elevate your style and make
a statement. For those seeking classic elegance, our gold stud earrings are a must-have. With their timeless simplicity and versatility, they are perfect for everyday wear or for adding a touch of understated glamour to any outfit. If you're looking to add a bit of flair to your look, our gold hoop earrings are the way to go. These hoops come in
various sizes and designs, from delicate and minimalist to bold and
eye-catching. To really make a statement, explore our selection of dangle earrings. With their graceful movement and intricate designs, these earrings are perfect for special occasions or when you're aiming to turn heads.

For a touch of sophistication, our pearl drop earrings are an excellent choice.
The mesmerizing luster of pearls combined with chic designs adds a timeless
elegance to any ensemble.

If you're searching for a symbol of love, our gold heart earrings are a perfect choice.
Whether it's a gift for a loved one or to treat yourself, these earrings are a
beautiful expression of affection.

Ready to sparkle for the holidays? Our collection of holiday earrings features dazzling designs that are
perfect for adding a festive touch to your look. From shimmering crystals to
playful seasonal motifs, these earrings will make you shine bright during the
most wonderful time of the year.

Looking for something unique and stylish? Our gold huggie earrings are a chic and modern choice. They hug the
earlobe with a snug fit and come in various designs, from sleek and minimalist
to adorned with gemstones for added glamour.

Add a touch of glamour to your look with our crystal earrings. These sparkling beauties will
catch the light and make a bold statement. Whether you prefer crystal studs,
chandelier-style dangles, or sparkly hoops, our collection has something for
every preference.

If you're in search of a pair of earrings that are perfect for a special
night out, explore our cocktail earrings. These statement-making pieces
feature intricate designs, bold colors, and luxurious materials that will make
you feel like the life of the party.

For those who prefer the sleekness of cuff
, we offer a range of sterling silver or gold cuff earrings. These
versatile pieces can be easily adjusted to fit comfortably on your ear and add
a touch of edgy elegance to your style.

No matter your personal style or occasion, BaubleBar has a stunning
selection of earrings to suit your taste. Explore our collection today and
discover the perfect pair to enhance your look and express your unique style.